Teachify LMS

eLearning and online course solution

Before Installation, we recomend to watch installation video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJaH8Z_FbKQ

Installation Wizard

unzip Teachify LMS package file, navigate to it from the browser. You should see an installation wizard showing you the server requirements checklist

Click Continue Installation

Now provide database connection info

It will create database by your given name

Click Install button

If Everything fine, it will install within moment.

We analyzed many hosting providers and confirmed that the VPS server is working great with Teachify LMS, VPS provides high speed, performance, and scalability and allows for custom configuration of servers.

You can get a VPS server from Linode as their package starts from $5/month and you can upgrade later.

Get Linode Server

Above link https://www.linode.com/?r=1e41562d530959b3cd6471ff9fca0ff46e26a4b5 is affiliated link and we will get a certain amount of balance if you buy server

We provide VPS server installation service
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With Teachify LMS Intuitive builder, you can create course easily.

From the dashboard, click Create New Course , will get create course form like below.

Fill necessary information, give course title, description, select category, level. Upload a course overview video.

After filling above information, click Create Course button, you will be redirect to course edit page to build your course with course builder.

Drip content allow you release course contents by schedule.

Drip content feature is one of the great feature that comes with only with Teachify LMS by default.

Please keep in mind that the drip content feature will work based on your timezone which you can set from the settings > general settings section. Drip Content start publish your content from the date/days midnight.

Drip Content by Date

Go to course edit > Drip

check on the date input field and set the date you wish to unlock

Drip Content by Days After Enrollment

You can also set drip by Days after Enrollment, that means student will able to access the content after X days from the enrollment date.

Set Days After Enrollment

Assume you built the course by adding course contents from the Teachify LMS course builder. Now time to publish.

From the course edit page, go to Publish Course section

As instructor, you are allowed ot not to publish directly, it will depends on the administrator. However, you will get screen like below to publish your course.

Click Submit for Review button, your course will be publish or stats will ben pending to review by reviewer, after publish. you will see.

Congrats, your course has been published and now and it's publicly available.

To signup any new user, go


Fill this form, select you are students or instructor

Click Register button, after register, will get logged-in automatically

by default, Teachify LMS Supports


However, you can always change file types preference from the admin panel.

To add/remove any file types, follow these steps.

Go Admin > Settings > General Settings

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release